The Picture Shed | Special Events and Corporate
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With the availability of modern cameras, why do people still pay for professional photographers you may ask? Simple, they need quality results first time, every time. Thats what you get with ‘thepictureshed’. The money shot, first time, when it counts but with a smile is how I’d describe my approach to all corporate and special event photography. I thrive on the demands and responsibility entrusted in me at national events, wedding days and bespoke global contracts when the pressure to provide outstanding results couldn’t be greater. With over 15 years experience I provide a professional, reliable and flexible service as you’d expect but with a personable approach to ensure we get the very best results.

In addition I currently manage and maintain rolling image catalogs for a number of clients as a ‘one stop’ photographic and video library. Take the hassle out of organisation, submissions and media, I’ll do it for you.